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"Using our name for good."

The people of Chad need help, and it's up to we Chads to do something.

The Problem

The people of Chad1 are in trouble. With the 9th highest infant mortality rate in Africa, a 25% literacy rate, and per capita income of $837 dollars a year, life is tough. But when is the last time you heard anyone even mention Chad?

The Solution

Oh, your name isn't Chad?

Even if you're not named Chad, sign up—the people of chad need all the help they can get. Do us a favor and invite friends, too.

Chads for Chad is a group of people named Chad committed to improve the lives of the Chadian2 people. We, the Chads of the world, share nothing with these people but a name, yet that's more reason than anyone else has..

If your name is Chad and you wish to join us, then sign up now.

Our Mission

Joining Chads for Chad is the official adoption of the cause of the Chadians. Our mission will have failed if things don't improve in Chad.

Our mission is to:

  1. Make the world know what is happening in Chad
  2. Convince people to join us in our quest for Chad's improvement
  3. Execute objectives that improve the lives of the Chadian people
  4. Report back to the world

All we ask now is that you join our cause and let your friends know what we're doing(Oh, and you could also like Chads For Chad of Facebook—but that's completely up to you).

Sign up and get notified when we're ready to mobilize.

You're Not Convinced?

If you haven't yet signed up, you obviously aren't convinced that you are the only one who will do anything to help people in a very bad situation. To become more familiar with what is going on, check out some facts here.